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100's of conferences, thousands of lectures

Our members call it the "Netflix of Medical Education"


Remember Pre-Covid, when you used to pay a thousand dollars or more to attend a conference in person?

Then you would add airfares and accommodation.

Take a day or two off work.

Keeping up to date used to be expensive. $$$


Now you can "attend" meetings from all over the country.

Choose the events, topics and lectures you are most interested in, ignore the rest.

It's a on demand program of Australia's most interesting medical conferences, with new content delivered to you every month.

You will get over two hundred online conferences for a fraction of the price of attending ONE event in person!



Of course you'll save money, but how valuable is your time?

(and why smart GPs are shunning live webinars)

Designed so you don't waste time


We know your time is valuable so we have painstakingly designed our whole site to save you hours everytime you watch a meeting.

Utilize our time saver button

  • Watch a complete lecture on in half the time of watching a live webinar.
  • Fit your viewing around your schedule (no more sacrificing quality time with your family for a live webinar)
  • Use our unique hyperlinked verbatim transcripts to search for exactly what you want to know, and go directly to that point in the lecture with just one click. (only watch the part of the lecture you need)
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Think of how much time you'll save each week with our time saver button and transcript hyperlink search tool

Listen while you commute

  • Make your commute more productive.
  • All 6,000 lectures can be enjoyed like podcasts on your phone.
  • Listen to a complete conference every few weeks without sacrificing time with your family.
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What do our members say?

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"I needed a source for quality, unsponsored professional development to listen to in my car when driving....Variety and regular updates are great....Unbiased up to date research based medical information  on demand."

GP registrar large outer metro practice

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"These are certainly more valuable than attending drug company dinner/powerpoint presentations in my opinion....these are lectures that could form a basis for group practice clinical meetings, particularly in regional and rural settings....(armchairmedical) provide (s) access to current information at a very reasonable price without having to leave home."

GP in large group practice in regional centre in rural Victoria

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"I find the website and videos are very useful specially the ones that more related to my everyday practice including emergency...I joined because it saved me time to go to those meetings so I can see video in the morning before shaving!

I think the website and videos are very useful and I recommend them."

GP in a outer suburb in Victoria

Learn while you exercise

Instead of taking time away from the people you love, stay up to date while you exercise!

  • 30 minutes a day on an exercise bike watching will allow you to watch the equivalent of 20 days of conference lectures a year without missing a single dinner with your family.
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What else do I get?

Choose from over 300 topic channels with lectures from some of Australia's best presenters.

Enroll today and you get over 200 conferences, 300 topic channels and 6,000 lectures. Then every month, you'll also receive everything new we film.

Here's a small taste of the meetings you will get:


What about CPD?


RACGP and ACRRM allow General Practitioners to self record CPD. 

You are able to request a Statement of Attendance for watching any video of

In addition, from January 2021 onwards we have several RACGP & ACRRM Activities where you will earn CPD points.

More specifics about these can be found at these Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Acute abdominal pain and more

What don't I get?

Pharmaceutical advertising or influence! is a completely pharmaceutical company free zone.

We will not accept content or advertising from any pharmaceutical company!

Fit your learning around your lifestyle, and spend more time doing what you love.





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Membership options

Now includes an option to save annually and pay less than the price of a single conference.



per month

  • Over 6,000 lectures
  • New content added every month
  • Synchronised slides, video and audio
  • Verbatim transcripts for every lecture to download and save
  • Watch anywhere, anytime
  • Choose the speed of playback to quicken your discovery
  • No pharmaceutical sponsorship or influence!
  • Cancel at anytime
Pay as you go access



Save 30% with an annual subscription


- 7 day free trial -

  • More than 200 conferences
  • Over 6,000 lectures
  • New content added every month
  • Synchronised slides, video and audio
  • Verbatim transcripts for every lecture to download and save
  • Watch anywhere, anytime
  • Choose the speed of playback to quicken your discovery
  • No pharmaceutical sponsorship or influence!
  • Cancel at anytime
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Platinum - Best Value


Over 100 CPD Point Activities Plus ANNUAL Plan included for free

  • Ophthalmology Masterclass ($375) 14 RACGP CPD Points
  • Emergency Cardiology 1 ($375) 20 RACGP CPD Points
  • Acute Abdominal pain in children and infants ($240) 10 RACGP CPD Points
  • Paediatric Allergy Masterclass ($375) 10 RACGP CPD Points Pending (Avail March 2021)
  • Lifestyle interventions for Chronic disease ($475) 20 RACGP CPD Points Pending (Avail March 2021)
  • Emergency Cardiology 2 ($375) 20 RACGP CPD Points (avail March 2021)

12 months access to all CPD Activities 
HWSP Bursary Eligible*

Plus Two Valuable Bonuses

Bonus 1. 12 months unlimited access  

6,000+ lectures

200 conferences

Download lectures to your phone to watch when exercising or listen in the car

Downloadable verbatim transcripts of all 6,000 lectures

There are already 5 new conferences (that would cost over $5,000 to attend in person) locked in to be added to the site this year.

Free 12 month's membership valued at $1,275 (and worth over $5,000 in 2021 conferences alone)

Bonus 2. Mindfulness for General Practitioners RACGP 40 points  ** Avail May 2021


Over 130 RACGP Points or 94 ACRRM Points!


Over $3,500 value (and save over $5,000 in attending 2021 conferences) for just $1,995 incl GST

HWSP Bursary Eligible*

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* Health Workforce Scholarship Program Bursary: 

Multiple bursary payments totaling up to $10,000 per financial year are available for eligible General Practitioners. 

Specific Eligibility Criteria is subject to change and available on the HWSP websites. These HWSP bursaries are generally available for medical practitioners who provide services within a regional, rural or remote primary health setting. RRR settings as defined as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7, ie. Practicing in or outside of a town of 50,000 residents or less. 

Exact postcode eligibility can be found here.