Ophthalmology Masterclass for General Practitioners

ACRRM and RACGP CPD 7 hours - Scroll down for more information

What you will learn:


The Red Eye*

Ocular Trauma

Chemical burns

Glaucoma for GPs

Sudden vision loss

Neuro-ophthalmic cases 

Vision impact of migraine or stroke

Diabetic ophthalmic complications

Lumps and bumps on the eyelid and ocular surface 

Periocular skin cancer diagnosis and excision management 

Eye examination made easy – a practical approach for the GP

A GP’s guide to eye health in babies under 12 months old


* The Red Eye includes Corneal Abrasion / foreign body, Conjunctivitis (Viral, Bacterial, Allergic, Molluscum, Chlamydia), Corneal ulcer (Bacterial and Herpetic), Episcleritis and Scleritis, Acute Iritis / other uveitis, Acute Glaucoma, Endophthalmitis, Sub conjunctival heammorhage & Pre septal / orbital cellulitis 


- Over 7 hours of 'learn at your own pace' video based education -

Ideal for GPs practicing in regional, rural or remote settings.

Suitable for Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP) Bursary*

Ophthalmology Masterclass

$375 incl GST

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  • 14 RACGP CPD Points
  • 7 hours ACRRM PDP
  • 12 months access to all videos
  • HWSP Bursary for eligible GPs*
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* Health Workforce Scholarship Program Bursary: 

Multiple bursary payments totaling up to $10,000 per financial year are available for eligible General Practitioners. 

Specific Eligibility Criteria is subject to change and available on the HWSP websites. These HWSP bursaries are generally available for medical practitioners who provide services within a regional, rural or remote primary health setting. RRR settings as defined as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7, ie. Practicing in or outside of a town of 50,000 residents or less. 

Exact postcode eligibility can be found here.